Thomas-James Fisher photography
London Photographer
31 Oct 2018
thomasjamesfisher   Photography, Style

Makeup Artist/Model - Sammie Ewan

19 Oct 2018
thomasjamesfisher   Fashion, Photography, Style

Model -Pabllo De Lá Cruz

Agency - Crumb Agency

Hat -Pabllo De Lá Cruz Hats

18 Oct 2018
thomasjamesfisher   Fashion, Photography, Style

18 Oct 2018
thomasjamesfisher   Fashion, Photography, Publications, Style
VanityHype Hi-Res Issue 54

Vanity Hype Magazine


Issue #54

Release Date - May 2017

Model - Ryan Davies-Hall

Makeup Artist - David Gillers


Great model to work with, Photos will be released very soon.

09 Oct 2018
thomasjamesfisher   Publications
Sept Cover 3

Was great to have 2 images feature on the cover in this American Publication back in 2016 featuring Brazilian model Rodrigo de Carli

VanityHype Issue 51 Tio Cover

Jordi Witworth

Vanity Hype Magazine


Release Date - February 2017

Model - Jordi Whitworth

Makeup Artist - Sammie Ewan

01 Oct 2018
thomasjamesfisher   Photography



01 Oct 2018
thomasjamesfisher   Fashion, Photography, Style

Model – Jake Allen

T-shirt by DANE3000

Shoes – Buffalo Boots

2018-08-20 06.16.52


28TH July – 28th August 2018

The exhibition includes many famous and iconic stage costumes worn by the Spice Girls in music videos, live concerts, the movie and on TV appearances.

As well as the iconic items the exhibition will also showcase thousands of items of Spice Girls memorabilia, from dolls and stationery to Spice Girls mopeds.

From their multi million selling albums and singles to their jaw dropping Olympic closing ceremony performance in 2012, the exhibition will walk fans through the history of the Spice Girls, including costumes from their solo careers.

The Business Design Centre, 52 Upper St, London N1 0QH